Our team is ready to help you refinance your home, or get a new home loan, even with bad credit in Denver CO.

Have you been told you have ‘Bad’ credit? Have you had a car repossesed? Is your credit score below 630? If you answered yes to any of these questions, BCreditKings is at your service.  

BCreditKings is a company designed to truly help people with bad credit build a financial plan to save money, pay down debt, avoid bankruptcy, and rebuild your credit score. We’re a resource for second chances, without judgement, and we invest in YOU by specializing in B-Paper loans and No Income / No Asset loans to fit your circumstances.

BCreditKings will work to empower you and help give you the tools to take control and make responsible decisions to lower debt, lower expenses, and build your credit back up, while avoiding bankruptcy, which can drastically impact your credit for years to come. And with help from BCreditKings and a better credit score, you can be in a position for a better loan with better terms and a better interest rate!

BCreditKings will be here with you through the whole process – APPLY NOW.


B Credit Kings
3255 S Birch Street 
Denver, CO 80222